Carrot Face Mask in Pakistan,Lahore,Karachi,Islamabad,Rawalpindi

Carrot Face Mask in Pakistan,Lahore,Karachi,Islamabad,Rawalpindi


Carrot Face Mask in Pakistan Shop Now –  Available In All Cities Of Pakistan

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Product Description

Carrot Face Mask in Pakistan

Carrot Face Mask Price in Pakistan: 3000/- PKR

Carrot Face Mask For Skin Whitening – Available In All Cities Of Pakistan Shop Now!

Carrot Mask Price in Pakistan – Guaranteed Whitening Effect Exclusive Whitening Components More Effective Than Expensive Salon Procedures Is The Only Mask That Cleans Wrinkles, Marks, Hives Even Dark Circles Under The Eyes And Turns Your Skin White. Carrot Mask Is Perfect For Any Type Of Skin. Carrots Are A Natural Source Of Several Vitamins And Minerals. Which Help Make Your Skin Feeling Fresh And Healthy? Carrot Mask Easy, Inexpensive And Healthy! The Ingredients Contain Natural Antiseptics And Antioxidants Which Kill Germs And Protect The Skin From Damaging Free Radicals.

Carrot Mask – A Revolution In Cosmetics?

Unique Whitening Mask For Skin Care Designed By Leading Cosmetologists
A Set Of Whitening Ingredients Allows You To:
1 Lighten Up Skin Of Different Types
2 Prevent Signs Of Premature Aging
3 Correct Overall Skin Complexion

Carrot Mask Ingredients:

2 Medium Carrots – Powerful Antiseptic To Kill Germ And Protect Skin With Antioxidants. Carrots Help Protect The Skin From Free Radicals And Promote The Regeneration Of Healthy Skin Cells. Ingredients
1 Tbsp Honey – Also Antiseptic And Reduces Swelling
1 Tbsp Olive Oil – Nourishes And Cleans The Skin
1 Lemon – Astringent And Acidic. This Maintains The Acid Mantel Of Your Skin Which Keeps In Moisture And Keeps Out Germs.

How To Use Carrot Mask :

Apply A Thick Layer
Keep For 15 Minutes
Rinse With Warm Water
Use At Least 3 Times Per Week
Minimum Duration Of Treatment 4 Weeks

Directions For Carrot Mask

Peal The Carrots And Steam Until Soft.
Mash The Carrots Into A Creamy Consistency.
Mix In 1 Tbsp. Of All Natural Honey.
Stir In 1 Tbsp. Of Olive Oil.
Squeeze A Few Drops Of Fresh Lemon Juice Into The Face Mask Mixture. Lemon Is A Natural Astringent And Will Help Clean Greasy Skin. If Your Skin Tends To Dry Easily, Add Only 8 To 10 Drops; If You Skin Tends To Be Oily, Add Up To 1 Tbsp. Of Lemon Juice.
Use A Spoon To Drop Small Amounts Onto Your Hands And Gently Massage The Mask Onto Your Whole Face For Several Minutes.
You Can Keep It On For An Additional 5 Minutes.
You Can Then Just Wash It Off With Water In A Sink Or Easier – In The Shower.

Carrot Extract:

Carrot Is The Main Ingredients In The Manufacturing Of Carrot Mask Cream Because Carrot Is The Main Source Of Several Vitamin And Minerals, Especially Vitamin A (From Beta-carotene), Biotin, Vitamin K (Phylloquinone), Potassium And Vitamin B6.
kaolin Extract:
Kaolin Is The Main Source Of To Absorbing Excess Oil It Is Used For These Benefits In Fresh Cleansers And Carrot Mask Cream.
soybean Oil Extract:
Soybean Oil Is Used In Carrot Mask To Repel Mosquitoes And Other Insects Posions
allantoin Extract:
Allantion Extract Is Used In Carrot Mask For Continuously Encourages Cell Growth And Keeps Skin Young. Suppresses Excessive Production Of Melanin Pigment, Activates Cell Division,pushes Out Pigment Deposited In The Dermis,keeps Skin Whitening And Helps Remove Feckles. IngredientsIt Activates Fibroblast That Is Source For Skin Elasticity Keeps The Skin Moist And Elastic And Also Helps To Erase Wrinkles.
natural Betaine:
Natural Betaine Is Also Used In Carrot Mask To Glowing And Fairness The Skin.
carrot Mask Benefits
carrot Mask For Glowing Skin:
The Consumption Of Carrots Keeps Your Skin Healthy And Fairness With Vitamin C And Antioxidants. Honey Is Also Used In Carrot Mask To Get Glowing Skin.
carrot Mask For Anti-ageing
Carrot Mask Helps Prevent Wrinkles And Locks The Process Of Aging. It Also Protect The Skin Through Free Radicals To Prevent The Signs Of Aging Like Wrinkles.
carrot Mask For Oily Skin:
The Kaolin Used In Carrot Mask Lead To A Dry Skin.

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