Hair Nurturing Anti Hair Loss Shampoo in Pakistan

Hair Nurturing Anti Hair Loss Shampoo in Pakistan


Hair Nurturing Anti hair Loss Shampoo Online – Available In All Cities Of Pakistan

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Product Description

Hair Nurturing Shampoo in pakistan
Applicable to people with Early-to Middle-stage Seborrheic Alopecia. The common hair loss is mostly seborrheic alopecia,with the main symptom of excessive scalp oil secretion, which makes the hair oily and oist, gradully aparse and delicate, sometimes with dry scalp and itching in head etc Openteleshop.
1. Hair Loss Care Shampoo is required to mix the product in the two black bottles inside the box in 1:1 proportion.
2. Don’t use the hair conditioner in the little transparent package in combination with the product in the two bottles. The hair conditioner should be used along after dyeing.
3. Do not use other shampoo or similar products when using hair loss to avoid influencing its effect. In case of eye contact, flush with clear water. Please keep it in a cool, dry place without direct sunshine..

How To Use
Wet the hair, pour a proper amount on the palm and rub to produce foam; apply over the hair and gently massage for 3-5 minutes; rinse with warm water.
The natural herbal hair care experts suggest the user 3 times a week for darker and denser hair.
1 bottle contains 240 ml Hair Loss care Shampoo.
Best Use With Hair Building Fiber

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