Hot Shapers Bra in Pakistan,Lahore,Karachi,Faisalabad,Islamabad

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Product Description

Hot Shapers Bra in Pakistan

Hot Shapers Bra are normal fitness attire which have been intended with Neotex smart textile skill helps your body to be slim and smart by growing core temperature helping your body sweat and sweat more while wearing them during daily actions

How Hot Shapers Bra work

The Neotex smart textile skill in Hot Shaper Bra growths core temperature during your daily routine actions. Hot Shapers Bra can be worn while you are active irrespective of what you are doing

Hot Shapers Features:

✔ It Offers To Lose Your Weight Through Maximizing Your Workout Routine.
✔ Helps You To Tone Down Different Body Parts Including Waist, Hips And Thighs .
✔ Keeps Your Body Warm While Performing Your Daily Activities.
✔ Helps In Burning Tummy Fat.
✔ Hot Shapers Provide Faster And Better Results.

Hot Shapers Benefits :

✔ Maximizes Fitness Routines
✔ Slim Waist Tummy And Tights
✔ Increase Your Core Body Temperature
✔ Improve Your Overall Well-Being.

Washing directions:

It Is Recommended To Wash It After Each Use, Particularly After Exercising. Hand Wash In Cold Water With A Soft Detergent. Squeeze Out And Drain.
✔ Hand Wash 30°c
✔ Do Not Tumble Dry
✔ Do not blanch
✔ Do not press
✔ Do not wring
✔ Do not launder
✔ Line Dry/ Hang Dry
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Hot Shaper Bra Price in Pakistan:999/PKR