Salad Chef in Pakistan,Islamabad,Lahore,Karachi,Quetta

Salad Chef in Pakistan,Islamabad,Lahore,Karachi,Quetta


Salad Chef Vegetable Machine Nicer Dicer For Your Kitchen OpenTeleShop Pakistan

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Salad Chef Nicer Dicer in Pakistan

Salad Chef” has been into outdoor catering for last ten years and has earned a very good name for itself in the field of catering. The big occasions like weddings, parties etc. used to be the domain of caterers dealing in all kind of cuisine without specialization but that is breaking due to increased demand of the hosts to serve specialized products, which has resulted in growth of the catering business for the Salad Chef.The Salad Chef started these caterings through innovative way of providing the Salad Bar / Live Pasta Bar/ Dessert Bar in beautifully made and decorated, wooden mobile trolleys at Outdoor site, where in guests can either create their concoctions or stick to the readymade products. The whole idea behind this is to make eating, an entertaining activity & unforgettable experience, to increase the awareness about the healthy food and to prioritize excellent hygiene and quality of the food. The wooden trolleys are made of stainless steel 304 (a food grade steel) from inside and installed with refrigeration or heating systems as per the requirement. They have the excellent visibility as the products and the ingredients are kept in the food grade imported transparent polycarbonate containers.
Gradually Salad Chef has ventured into the catering of several cuisines with live preparations at the sight. It carries expertise in world cuisine. The cuisines catered are as mentioned below:
Salad/Sandwich/Burgers/Soup Bar
Pasta/Baked Vegetables/Stews Bar
Dessert Bar(Souffl├ęs/Mousses/Puddings etc.)
Pizzas Catering
Total Continental food
Complete Mexican food
Live Thai Cuisine Station
Rajasthani (Indian Regional) food
Limited Indian Cuisine
Besides this “Salad Chef” is ever ready to cater any and every kind of customized food as per the requirement of the host.
Lately in 2013, the Salad Chef has launched innovative concept in catering by offering six specialized cuisine specific counters with a spread of Appetizer to dessert for each cuisine:

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Salad Chef Nicer Dicer Price in Pakistan:1999/PKR