Master blaster Machine in Pakistan,Lahore,Karachi,Islamabad

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Master blaster Machine in Pakistan

With abs exercise machine synthesis Care 2013 Six Pack will help you lose weight, do toned body and cellulite removal gives your body toned and sexy. The machine will help your energy consumption, calorie free, thereby stimulating the fat consumed with the care 7 6 specific areas on the body. Just practice all exercises and repeated twice within 10 minutes and exercise 4 to 5 days a week, you will improve your waistline effectively, and increased most rapidly toughness for other parts of the body. Supports multi sector collective Machine 7 episode 6 the care specific body areas including the abdomen and the upper abdomen, middle abdomen, lower abdomen and the side cross 2. With 7 actions on the entire abdominal areas a maximum contraction, buttocks and waist are also athletes. Apply the action on a daily basis is one of the best ways to slow or prevent deterioration pulled muscles, bones and joints.

Strengthening health Regular exercise will help stronger back muscles by stretching the muscle movements and prevent back pain strengthen the cardiovascular system, help combat impotence, body conditioning and energy in the long run can slow the aging process, extend the life of man. At the same time, help ease blood flow to every part of the body that transports oxygen and other nourishing substances nourish the cells and create energy for human activities.

Effective cellulite reduction exercise regularly will help tone the body, dispel the excess fat in places such as the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, upper arms. Besides, it will help you consume more calories, fat, regulate the internal organs in the human body fat. Excess fat will turn into liquid and excreted spontaneously in urine, sweat glands or specialized movements that you perform hard.Support stress reduction abdominal exercisers synthetic Six Care Pack will help you get rid of the anger and frustration through the implementation of the action in the exercise helps reduce stress levels due to the release of endorphins in the body. Precautions when using products Set machine where floor flat, not bumpy. Leaning back in his chair that was comfortable sitting position, the backrest of the chair to embrace your back. The backrest of the seat, the handle is designed with round trip casing feels smooth when put back on the bench.

Comfortable cushion pads add support during all 21 exercises:

1-Push-Up 2-Rocking 3-Twisting A & B 4-Lateral Raise 5-Single Arm Row 6-Shoulder Press 7-Front Raise 8-Bicep Curl 9-Robe Fly
10-Upper Extremity 11-Lower Extremity 12-Oblique Crunch 13-Leg Crunch 14-Back Stretch 15-Arm Lift 16-Leg Raise 17-Abdominal 18-Crunch 19-Side Twist 20-Side Crunch 21-Press-Up


1 -The master blaster has been designed to give you the ultimate comfort & luxury while you exercise.
2 -To support your neck there is an adjustable neck rest with rolling cushions that can be adjusted up to 3 levels.
3 -The high base ensures good balance while you exercise.
4 -As per your height, the length of the Master Blaster can be adjusted up to 3 levels.
5 -Soft rolling cushions provide support and massage you back as you exercise.
6 -Industrial strength spring provides resistance for upper body exercises.
7 -Strong reflex rubber provides resistance for lower body exercises.
8 -Variable & flexible seating positions that can be used to do a range of exercises..
9 -It is compact and folds away for easy storage.

FREE 2 GIFTS WORTH RS. 1000+1000=2000/PKR

1.RESISTANCE BAND: This band used along with your sculptor will help you to get a power packed muscles workout. Biceps, triceps, wings, shoulders, not only this but you can train your all Major muscles by the use of this band… yes you also get this Resistance Band worth rupees Rs.1000/PKR-
2.RECEPIE BOOKLET: We all know that if we combine exercise with good eating habits we get double the weight loss. But Diet food is boring, well no more we are giving you this recipe book that is packed with delicious mouth watering recipes. If you call in next 15 min you get this recipe book worth rupees Rs.1000/PKR-

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Master Blaster Machine Price in pakistan:8999/PKR