Delay Dietary Capsule in Pakistan

Delay Dietary Capsule in Pakistan


Imported From: USA || Product size: 60 Pills – Available In All Cities in Pakistan
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Product Description

Delay Dietary Capsule in Pakistan

Delay Dietary Supplement Pills Price In Pakistan

You should take 2 Delay Pills per day. There are 60 capsules in one bottle of Delay which is sufficient for, one month. We recommend you to use Delay every day regularly to get the maximum benefits of this supplement. If you forget to take the pills in a day, you can take them when you remember within the day but if 24 hours is passed after the missing dose you should skip the forgotten dose and continue to take the usual dose. We don’t recommend taking the suggested dose twice a day to catch up on the missing dose.

Natural pills to last longer in bed

You don’t need to use Delay Pills forever. Usually, a 1 or 2 months course of Delay pills is sufficient to get rid of the problem for men who suffer premature ejaculation. However, you must be very disciplined when using Delay in order to achieve optimum results.

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