Instant Whitening Cream,in Pakistan

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Product Description

Instant Whitening Cream in Pakistan

Original Instant Whitening Cream Price in Pakistan

Cosmetics Effect:
1.Whitening and brightening.
2.Moisturizing and nourishing.
3.Enhancing Elastin
Water, propylene glycol, glycerin, cyclopentasiloxane, titanium dioxide, nicotinamide, butylene glycol, ethoxy diethylene glycol, polyacrylamide, flavor

Cautions :
1.Keep out of reach of Children,If inadvertently, please use a lot of clean water to clean it.
2.Avoid contact with eyes,If inadvertently, please use a lot of clean water to clean it.
3.If appear allergic reactions, please stop to use it immediately.
4.Keep it in a cool and dry place.

Package Include:
1X Whitening cream

4 reviews for Instant Whitening Cream,in Pakistan

  1. Fatima Afzal

    This product works amazingly well. I was skeptical that I could get a product that would help to lighten areas of my body that were much darker than other areas. This product worked within the first application and I only apply it once a week or when I remember to apply it. It has effectively done the job and I am very happy that I didn’t waste my money.

  2. Taania

    Bought this Cream to lighten the sun damage spots, and I must say that it works very well for me. I can see clearly my damage spots brighten and lighter in just one week, very happy with it. So clearer, brighter, smoother, an all-round healthy glow and younger looking skin. You must try it

  3. Sadaf

    After 1 use, more specific- 3 hours. It feels natural and pleasant. Does not burn or leave any weird marks when applied. I had issues with inner thigh darkening and it helped drastically improve the look and my over all self esteem!

  4. Sajjada

    Nice product and great customer service .Thanks

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