Neo Hair Lotion Original

Neo Hair Lotion Original


Imported From: Thailand | Product size: 120ml – Accessible In All Cities in Pakistan

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Product Description

Neo Hair Lotion Original

GREENWEALTH INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. We proceed to export products. Original Neo Hair Lotion Price/ From factories in Pakistan to customers Around the world Asli, authentic products are delivered from here only. Currently, we have a sales value of at least $ 100 million per month, and the continuously increasing orders are a sign that our products are of good use and efficiency and are therefore popular in foreign countries.

Neo Hair Lotion from 100 percent natural ingredients:

  • Cantaloupe can hasten the growth of hair, improve the hair’s strength, inhibit loss of hair, soften the hair and make the hair shiny.
  • White ginseng can stimulate blood circulation around the head to transfer nutrients to the hair roots, make the hair roots active, hasten the growth of the hair, nourish the Hair/ and reduce the 
  • Hair treatment wax from coconut and wild honey can repair and nourish the hair roots, protect the hair from sunlight and pollutants, and treat dried and damaged hair.

Benefits of Neo Hair Lotion

  • Neo Hair Lotion prevents loss of hair, thinning, or baldness.
  • Reduces dandruff build-up that clogs the hair roots.
  • Accelerates new hair and makes hair long, bushy, and black.
  • Maintains and repairs the hair root and hair follicles.
  • The herbal extract is beneficial for both hair and scalp with no.

How To Use Neo Hair Lotion Price?

1-After shampooing with any shampoo, blow hair until dry with a friendly heat level. 

2- Apply on the scalp by getting near the top of the scalp.

3-Then use the hand massage until absorbed deep into the scalp.

4- it even to style the hair.

5-Use two times a day in the morning and also at night but make sure to get it dry before going to bed.

6-For the eyebrow and sideburns and beard, apply with a cotton pad or brush, wipe all eyebrows massage it till the 7-lotion deep into the skin.

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