Once A Day X-Men Multivitamin in Pakistan

Once A Day X-Men Multivitamin in Pakistan


Imported From: Pakistan – Product Size: 30 Tablets – Status: Halal

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Product Description

Once A Day X-Men Multivitamin in Pakistan


When A Day X-Men contains nutrients, minerals, and different supplements to guarantee max operation by giving delayed strength and energy. It is shown for male imperativeness, functions as an energy promoter, and stress reliever and gives hearty invulnerability.

Power Enhancer:

OAD X-Men contains an extraordinary mix of regular fixings, nutrients and minerals. It rejuvenates your regenerative organs to increment semen esteem.

Certainty Builder:

OAD X-Men is a male endurance supplement, it revives the male regenerative framework by directing the progression of energy, eliminates lacks in the body and upgrades male essentialness.

Stress Alleviator:

The ideal blend of normal fixings further develops your heart’s well-being, and lightens nervousness and stress for a superior presentation.

Recommended Usage

Take one (1) tablet every day after dinner or as coordinated by the doctor.

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