Revivon Anti Wrinkle Cream in Pakistan

Revivon Anti Wrinkle Cream in Pakistan

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Revivon Cream – Anti Wrinkle – Anti Aging Products – Skin

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Product Description

Revivon Anti Wrinkle Cream in Pakistan

Original Revivon Anti Wrinkle & Anti Aging Cream 30 gm


Delonized Water, Glycerin, Butanediol, Squalane, Dimethyl Silicon Oil, Hydroxyethyl Urea, Xantham Gum, Alga Extract…


REVIVON Anti Aging Cream regenerates visibly younger looking skins.
This rich moisturizing cream can deeply nourish skin, withstand wrinkles and waken skin`s self renewal ability.

While increasing skin natural hydrations the regular usage of REVIVON will make your skin lustours, smoother and younger..
After closing face every morning and evening, daub some and softly message until absorbed.


Avoid contact with eye area while applying.

4 reviews for Revivon Anti Wrinkle Cream in Pakistan

  1. Mehvish

    Flawless and wrinkle-free skin is coveted by men and women all around the globe. As we age our skin loses its elasticity and needs topical anti-ageing applications to restore its youthfulness. Check out anti-ageing cream prices in Pakistan and read on for more information.

  2. kashif

    Amazaing Product I have used it. 100% Original Product

  3. Maryam

    it is amazing and very resultive product we have used it and got resutls

  4. faheem

    no doubt it is the resutls i have used it and got satisfied resutls thanks

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